Beck reflects on 2015 Kanye West GRAMMYs moment: “He was disappointed”

Kanye ran on stage, seemingly replicating his Taylor Swift VMAs moment, before changing his mind

Beck has recalled the moment that Kanye West almost invaded the stage while the singer was picking up an award at the 2015 GRAMMYs.

The incident happened in a strikingly similar way to his notorious stage invasion at the 2009 MTV VMAs, while Taylor Swift was making an acceptance speech.

On that night, Beck beat Beyoncé to the Album Of The Year award, and Kanye motioned to invade the stage again, before deciding against it at the last moment, and heading back down the stairs to re-take his seat.


“Yeah, he was disappointed about that,” Beck said of the incident in a recent interview with Zane Lowe, “which I respected and I was fine with”.

“Later on, I’ve run into him since, and I ran into him earlier this year, and he just turned around and pointed at me and said, ‘I like your music’ and smiled and then walked away.”

He added: “To me, I was a little confused. I hold his music in high regard, but on the human side of it, he was doing a recording session four days later with my dad. My dad was doing all the strings. So, he can walk up on that stage, but then he’s making a record with my dad four days later…

“The music business, it’s small. I think of us as a family. I don’t really think of us as divided, and fair enough if he was disappointed that I won an award. I was just as surprised as anybody to win, and I’ve lost far more than I’ve won, and that’s great, you know?”


Beck this week released a visual album of his 2019 LP ‘Hyperspace’, which was created in partnership with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

Kanye West, meanwhile, is continuing his 2020 Presidential bid, though is currently only polling at 2% with Black voters.

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