Ben Sihombing shares romantic cover of Rita Effendi’s ‘Telah Terbiasa’

The cover has been in the works since September 2019

Indonesian singer-songwriter Ben Sihombing has released a new music video for his latest single, a cover of Rita Effendi’s ‘Telah Terbiasa’.

The track and its accompanying music video were released last Friday (October 9). The video, directed by Bonita Rachel, sees Ben Sihombing and his partner drive around in a car, stopping for a picnic and to play on swings. The video ends with Sihombing reminiscing about his now-absent partner.

Watch the video for ‘Telah Terbiasa’ below.


‘Telah Terbiasa’ features a saxophone solo from Bass G, composition from Budi Bidhun and Sekar Ayu Asmara, and production from Ben’s brother Petra Sihombing. The track breathes new life into Rita Effendi’s original 1995 song with bright synths, thick basslines and snappy percussion.

‘Telah Terbiasa’ touches upon how some people can spend majority of their lives alone and get used to solitude, only to have it all flipped upside down when that special someone comes along.

In an Instagram post on October 10, Ben Sihombing revealed that he opted for a saxophone solo instead of a guitar solo, as he felt that he had overused guitars on some of the other songs that he was recording at the time.

An earlier Instagram post also shows that the ‘Telah Terbiasa’ rework has been in the works since September 2019. Sihombing also revealed on October 6 that the track was one that took him a long time to grow to like and appreciate.


Ben Sihombing made his debut in 2016 with the single ‘Set Me Free’. He released two singles last year – ‘Di Depan Mata’ from the Serigala Langit film soundtrack, and ‘Kembali Padaku’.

Sihombing has yet to release an EP or full-length album.