Ben Utomo showcases his romantic side on ‘Izinkan’ featuring Abraham Kevin

His latest single comes in the lead-up to his new album due in 2021

Jakarta rapper Ben Utomo has revealed his romantic side on soulful new single ‘Izinkan’, featuring Indonesian Idol 2018 finalist Abraham Kevin.

His latest track, accompanied by a music video, dropped on major streaming services on Friday (November 13).

‘Izinkan’ also comes in the lead-up to his upcoming album due for release in 2021. However, Ben did not reveal whether the song will be part of the new record.


Switching between Indonesian and English in his lyrics on ‘Izinkan’, the Los Angeles-raised rapper said he wanted to show a “different side” to his artistry.

“It’s a simple usual love story that I’m sure many people can relate to and have been through before,” Ben said in a press release.

Watch the music video below.

‘Izinkan’ was produced by hip hop DJ Leztey and, according to Ben, was composed and recorded from scratch in less than a day.

“I already knew I wanted to make a song but I didn’t know what kind of song. So I just decided to head straight into the studio and go from there,” Ben said.


“As soon as I arrived, I instantly found the vibe and we put this together in just a few hours.”

‘Izinkan’ is the third song released by Ben since he signed with Def Jam Indonesia. The new track, which carries an R&B flavour, is also a departure from his edgier singles ‘Itu Selalu’ and ‘Mama Knows’.

On the collaboration, Ben – who began rapping professionally in 2014 – said the Indonesian Idol alumnus co-wrote the song and added his soulful voice to the mix.

“I’ve known Kevin for a long time and we’ve had plans to make a song together for a while, and I felt that this was the perfect one to feature him on,” Ben said.