Hear Ben&Ben and DAY6 member Young K collaborate on ‘Leaves’ remake

"In these times, the message that 'all will be alright in time' is more relevant than ever"

Ben&Ben have collaborated with DAY6 member Young K on a remake of their 2017 single ‘Leaves’, out now.

The Filipino folk-pop band explained that the song’s do-over emphasises that “all will be alright in time” during these difficult times.


Hear Young K sing in the tranquil rework below:

In a 2017 Bandwagon interview, Ben&Ben vocalists Paolo and Miguel Guico said ‘Leaves’ was “inspired by a difficult time in a relationship” and the process of healing and forgiveness.

The group will mark the release with an Instagram Live hangout with Young K tonight at 6pm PHT.

The nine-piece group are preparing to release their second album this year, the follow-up to their 2019 debut ‘Limasawa Street’. They have released several new songs since, including ‘Di Ka Sayang’ and ‘Kapangyarihan’ in 2020, followed by ‘Inevitable’, ‘Upuan’, and ‘Magpahinga’.


Ben&Ben also released a poignant music video for the latter single on May 24. Starring veteran actor Joel Torre and actress-director Bela Padilla, it explored the relationship between father and daughter as they deal with a terminal illness in the family.

In April, Day6 released their latest album ‘The Book Of Us: Negentropy – Chaos Swallowed Up In Love’. Due to member Sungjin enlisting into the South Korean military, the group have not been promoting the project, their agency JYP Entertainment announced last month.