Ben&Ben deliver intimate rendition of ‘Leaves’ with Day6’s Young K in official music video

A moving studio performance

Filipino folk-pop group Ben&Ben have dropped an intimate music video for the remake of their 2017 single ‘Leaves’ featuring Young K of the K-pop band Day6.

The music video, directed by Jorel Lising, arrived on YouTube Friday evening (May 28), several hours after they released the fresh take on the track.

The clip shows the band and the Korean artist delivering heartfelt renditions of ‘Leaves’ in separate recording studios, with the latter adding his vocals to the second verse and chorus of the track.


Watch the music video below.

Lead singer and guitarist Miguel Benjamin said the remake of ‘Leaves’ is based “heavily on how the full band adapted the song for live performance through the years”, according to Rappler.

“As compared to the original piano and guitar only arrangement, the new one features the rest of the band’s full instrumentation and additional choir-esque harmony arrangement by Toni [Muñoz, percussions], Andrew [de Pano, percussions], and Poch [Barretto, lead guitar)]on the intro and first verse,” Benjamin said.

Young K said that he was eager to collaborate with Ben&Ben, owing to the band’s music and vision.

“Out of few songs that I listened to, ‘Leaves’ caught my ears the most. The message given through the lyrics and the entire vibe was very heartwarming. And the vocals were amazing,” Young K said.


“It would’ve been better if we could meet in person, but still the fact that I could have my voice with them is enough for me. Maybe in the future we could work on a new song together.”

The remake of ‘Leaves’ comes less than a week after Ben&Ben launched a poignant music video for their single ‘Magpahinga’.

The nine-piece group are working towards the release of their sophomore album this year. Following their 2019 debut full-length album ‘Limasawa Street’, the band have released several new songs including ‘Di Ka Sayang’ and ‘Kapangyarihan’ in 2020, as well as ‘Inevitable’ and ‘Upuan’ earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Day6 released their latest album, ‘The Book Of Us: Negentropy – Chaos Swallowed Up In Love’ in April.