Ben&Ben document a real-life breakup in ‘The Ones We Once Loved’ music video

The track is the group’s official single in support of their Philippine send-off concert and North America/Canada tour

Filipino folk-pop act Ben&Ben have released the music video for their latest single ‘The Ones We Once Loved’, which follows the real-life breakup of band member Paolo Benjamin with singer-songwriter Bea Lorenzo.

The music video premiered on YouTube on September 3, and documents not just the pain of the breakup, but also the process of healing and moving on.

“We recognize that it is quite rare to attain the kind of closure that Pao and Bea have, and much more so create a piece of art that gives respect and honour to the relationship that has passed,” Ben&Ben shared in a statement.


“Everyone in the team really gave it their best to amplify that message to all who watch the MV: that closure, even if it is a painful process, is cathartic.”

Watch the music video for ‘The Ones We Once Loved’ below.

The music video was also directed by Niq Ablao, who previously directed the music video of ‘Paninindigan Kita’, which focused on the love story between Ben&Ben’s own Pat Lasaten and Agnes Reoma, and ‘Upuan’, which features Filipino movie stars Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano.

‘The Ones We Once Loved’ is the nine-piece act’s fourth release of the year and serves as the group’s official single in support of their Philippine send-off concert and North America/Canada tour this year. The song has already achieved over three million streams on Spotify and YouTube combined as of September 3 since its release on August 26.

Prior to ‘The Ones We Once Loved’, Ben&Ben released the first out of two collaborations with Indonesian singer Pamungkas – an English rework of the Filipino band’s May release ‘Paninindigan Kita’ called ‘Stand By You’.  Ben&Ben are due to release a rework of Pamungkas’ ‘I Got To Get You’, though that collaboration has not been given a release date.


Speaking to NME earlier this year about the collaboration, Ben&Ben’s Miguel Benjamin Guico shared, “He added his own take on what the song meant to him. He asked a Filipino friend living in Bali not so much what the words meant but about their depth. His friend said ‘paninindigan’ – in the realm of the different ways one can say ‘I love you’ – is quite rich. It was a nice collab, even lyrically. Also, when we heard Pam’s demo, it was a vibe! It was different, but we really enjoyed it!”