Ben&Ben release uplifting new single ‘Di Ka Sayang’

The new song is about "self-acceptance and embracing who you are"

Filipino folk-pop group Ben&Ben have dropped an uplifting new track ‘Di Ka Sayang’.

The nine-piece band uploaded the latest song on their Facebook page late Thursday evening (November 5) after an unexpected delay in its release on streaming platforms. ‘Di Ka Sayang’, which loosely translates as ‘You’re Not A Waste’, is now available on all major streaming services.

In an earlier post, the band said “the new song is about self-acceptance and embracing who you are.” Listen to the track below:


Unlike the band’s previous folky, acoustic-driven material, ‘Di Ka Sayang’ takes on a more robust feel with stronger guitarwork and prominent percussion.

In a statement, Ben&Ben’s Paolo Benjamin explained the song was inspired by a conversation he had with his brother and fellow band member Miguel Benjamin in 2019.

“Migs and I were having a conversation on our career choices and how hard it was to fight for who we really are and what we want to do in life, amidst societal and family expectations,” he said.

“A year later, we decided to release it, at a time where we feel it is most timely, with everything tough going on, and with many of our dreams being crushed by the pandemic and other circumstances.”

Co-written by the Benjamins, the song was produced by Jean Paul Verona, aided by lead guitarist Poch Barretto, percussionist Toni Muñoz, keyboardist Pat Lasaten, and violinist Keifer Cabugao.


Ben&Ben have sporadically been releasing songs since the release of their debut album ‘Limasawa Street’ last May. ‘Di Ka Sayang’ is their latest since July’s ‘Nakikinig Ka Ba Sa Akin’.

Though Ben&Ben did not say whether ‘Di Ka Sayang’ would be part of a larger project, in a statement Miguel Benjamin revealed that the band have been pushing themselves out of their comfort zones while songwriting: “We’ve also been exploring new soundscapes and writing about themes other than love and heartbreak, and we’ve been having a lot of fun in the process.”

Ben&Ben were recently nominated in the Best Southeast Asia Act category for the 2020 MTV Europe Music Awards alongside regional acts Agnez Mo (Indonesia), K-Clique (Malaysia), Benjamin Kheng (Singapore), Violette Wautier (Thailand) and Jack (Vietnam). The awards show takes place on November 8.