BIBI reimagines a fleeting summer romance in quirky ‘PADO’ music video

The South Korean songstress plays a mermaid in the new visual

South Korean R&B singer BIBI has released a Little Mermaid-inspired video for her new single ‘PADO’.

On September 10, the 22-year-old singer premiered the music video for the laid-back new song on YouTube. Starring BIBI as a mermaid stranded on the beach, the quirky clip explores a brief romance between the singer and her rescuer.

The music video pictures the mermaid’s fantasy love story, featuring picnics on a lake and a chill seaside date. Later, she imagines a scenario where she grows legs, and takes a romantic walk along the beach with her lover.


However, the pair return to reality and part ways as they realise that their romance would be impossible. “You are my wave / Save me please, mayday / I can only think of you / I’m a castaway,” BIBI sings longingly in the song’s chorus.

The new release comes just a week after she was featured on the soundtrack for Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, executive produced by Asian-American label 88rising. BIBI had collaborated with GOT7’s Mark Tuan on the track ‘Never Gonna Come Down’.

Last month, the singer-songwriter had also teamed up with Algerian-American singer Lolo Zouaï on a new version of the latter’s July single ‘Galipette’. Originally sung in English and French, the remix of ‘Galipette’ includes a new Korean-language verse by BIBI.

BIBI initially debuted in 2019 with her single titled ‘BINU’, and followed soon after with her EP ‘The Manual For People Who Want To Love’. Earlier in May, she dropped her second EP ‘Life is a Bi…’ alongside the lead single ’BAD SAD AND MAD’.


The musician was first discovered during her stint as a contestant on the reality television series The Fan. She then signed to Feel Ghood Music shortly after.