Big Thief’s Adrianne Lenker announces two new albums, ‘songs’ and ‘instrumentals’

The first track, 'anything', is out today

Big Thief’s Adrianne Lenker has announced she will be releasing two new solo albums next month.

The albums, ‘songs’ and ‘instrumentals’, will be released together on October 23 through 4AD. Notably, ‘instrumentals’ only contains two tracks.

In addition to the album announcement, Lenker has shared the first track off ‘songs’, titled ‘anything’. Watch the clip below:


Both albums were written and recorded back in April after Big Thief were forced to cut their touring circuit short due to the coronavirus pandemic. The songs were recorded in a cabin-turned-studio in Massachusetts, with no digital process involved in the production of the sound recording.

The first side of ‘instrumentals’ comes from improvised acoustic guitar sessions that Lenker and engineer Philip Weinrobe began and closed each recording day with.

On Instagram, Lenker said explained that while the two albums are connected, they are meant to offer “separate experiences”.

“I am very proud of these recordings, though they were born in a time of grief, both personal and as a collective species,” she said.

“It feels strange to try and pair words with the release of music. I don’t know if there is a graceful way to do it in these times. Please, if this is something that you feel you won’t benefit from, just let it pass away. If you could use some support in the form of songs, give it a spin. These songs have helped me heal. I hope that at least in some small way this music can be a friend to you.”


Lenker’s last solo album was ‘abysskiss’ in 2018, which NME gave a three-star review upon its release.

The tracklist for ‘songs’ is:

1. ‘two reverse’
2. ‘ingydar’
3. ‘anything’
4. ‘forwards beckon rebound’
5. ‘heavy focus’
6. ‘half return’
7. ‘come’
8. ‘zombie girl’
9. ‘not a lot, just forever’
10. ‘dragon eyes’
11. ‘my angel’

The tracklist for ‘instrumentals’ is:

1. ‘music for indigo’
2. ‘mostly chimes’