Bilal Indrajaya releases first single under Aksara Records, ‘Saujana’

The single is also Bilal's first solo release of 2022

Indonesian singer-songwriter Bilal Indrajaya has released his first single under label Aksara Records, the 80s-influenced track ‘Saujana’.

Released on August 3, the single sees Indrajaya taking inspirations from Indonesian artists of the 1980s, telling Pophariini, ‎”I really listen to a lot of the music of the 50s, 60s, 70s, 90s and 2010s. But unknowingly, I ‎‎skipped‎‎ an era, which was the 80s. I’ve never touched it at all. And it was just touched on when I released ‘Niscaya’. That’s why, on this single, the 80s feel is still very strong.”

The single itself deals with the theme of separation happening too early in a relationship, though Bilal hopes listeners will put their own interpretation on the lyrics, which include the chorus, “Walaupun wangimu tak lagi di sini / Segala damai yang telah kau tinggal abadi / Kau kehidupanku selalu / Oh, ke mana lagi akan kutemui?”: “Even though your perfume no longer lingers / The peace you brought remains eternally / You’ll be my life forever / Oh, where will I meet you again?”


Listen to Bilal Indrajaya’s ‘Saujana’ below.

Bilal also revealed to the outlet that his debut album is in the works.

‘Saujana’ is Bilal’s first solo release of 2022, having first appeared on Indonesian rock trio FLEUR!’s cover of the Ismail Marzuki original, ‘Juwita Malam’ earlier this year in March. The cover of ‘Juwita Malam’ was included in FLEUR!’s debut record ‘Fleur Fleur FLEUR!’, which was released on June 10.

Bilal released his previous single ‘Niscaya’ in August last year. ‘Niscaya’ was a collaboration with songwriting team Laleilmanino, which comprises Arya Adhitya Ramadhya and Ilman Ibrahim Isa from neo-soul band Maliq & D’Essentials, along with Anindyo “Nino” Baskoro from pop-rock band RAN, and was part of the Pop Hari Ini project, where artists were commissioned to work with an array of producers and labels to write and record original songs.

Prior to the release of ‘Niscaya’, Bilal released his 2019 EP, ‘Purnama’.