Bilal Indrajaya releases sweeping new single ‘Niscaya’

Co-written with members of Maliq & D'Essentials and Ran

Indonesian singer-songwriter Bilal Indrajaya has released a sweeping new single, ‘Niscaya’.

The song officially arrived on streaming platforms on Wednesday (August 25) as part of a compilation by Pop Hari Ini titled ‘Irama Kotak Suara Terbaik Vol. 1’.

The track itself features ornate strings, arranged by Alvin Witarsa, dressing up a hefty pop-rock arrangement backing Bilal’s soulful vocals. A cavalcade of instrumentation soon follows: funky bass guitar, a dose of psychedelic sitar, and even a guitar solo to elevate the sonics.


Listen to ‘Niscaya’ below.

‘Niscaya’ is a collaboration with songwriting team Laleilmanino, which comprises Arya Adhitya Ramadhya and Ilman Ibrahim Isa from neo-soul band Maliq & D’Essentials, along with Anindyo “Nino” Baskoro from pop-rock band RAN.

As part of the Pop Hari Ini project, artists were commissioned to work with an array of producers and labels to write and record original songs.

‘Niscaya’ marks Bilal’s first solo material since his 2019 EP, ‘Purnama’. Yesterday (August 26), the musician launched a limited line of merchandise to support the release.


Bilal Indrajaya made his debut in 2018 with the single ‘Biar’. Since then, he’s released standalone single ‘Ruang Kecil’, the EP ‘Purnama’, and the 2020 collaborative single ‘Yang Tercinta’, recorded with Romantic Echoes and Noh Salleh.

Earlier this year, Bilal also contributed vocals to indie rock band Reality Club’s single, ‘I Wish I Was Your Joke’.