Indonesian art pop duo Biru Baru share colourful new single, ‘Benderang!’

Their second single of the year is a cheery slice of indie pop

Indonesian art pop duo Biru Baru have released their latest single, ‘Benderang!’.

The track – which was released onto streaming platforms on Friday (November 19) – marks the duo’s second release with Juni Records.

‘Benderang!’ features bright instrumentation and anthemic vocals that are immediate in its buoyancy, resulting in a cheery piece of indie pop.


Listen to ‘Benderang!’ below.

‘Benderang!’, per a description on their official YouTube page, is a song about “someone you are grateful for in your daily life, not just a life partner, close friend, co-worker, family, or even your own pet”.

The track also marks the first time Biru Baru have experimented with writing a love song.

“‘Benderang!’ is a love song, telling the story of a person who finally finds a “puzzle” that can complete them, guide, strengthen, and become their support whenever they feels weak or loses their purpose, likening the figure as a ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’,” they said.

Biru Baru continued: “We are not good at writing love, but we believe this song can be a bridge for listeners to understand. convey their feelings to their loved ones”.


‘Benderang!’ also serves as a continuation to their previous single, ‘Terbenam’, which was released in September. The track focused on finding gratitude and beauty in our day-to-day lives.

Prior to ‘Terbenam’, Biru Baru released their debut album ‘Selamat Datang’ in November 2020. The duo consists of Goldan Tambayong and Talitha Belinda Esmeralda.