Bitty shares ‘Make My Dreams Come True’ music video featuring Axel Brizzy

The duo sing and rap about the struggles of working as a musician in Singapore

Singaporean singer Bitty has released her first music video for ‘Make My Dreams Come True’ featuring rapper Axel Brizzy.

Previously known as bittymacbeth, the singer-songwriter Beth Yap reintroduced herself to the music scene as “Bitty” when she first released the track in April. The new moniker stems from a family nickname coined by her mother when she was “an itty bitty baby”.

The music video, which was filmed by Midnight Posse, sees Bitty and Axel Brizzy engage in “lavish” activities such as dining on fancy cakes and sitting in bathtubs while in public spaces like an open field or the beach.


Watch the music video for ‘Make My Dreams Come True’ below.


Over the course of the song, Bitty sings about her dreams of a moneyed future, both for her and her parents’ sakes: “I’m dreaming ‘bout a future where all I do is thrive / But for now I just have to survive / I wish I had the money, money / Then I could do anything.

According to a press release, Bitty wrote and produced a two-minute demo of ‘Make My Dreams Come True’ in two days while she was a student at Berklee College of Music.

The inspiration for the song came from the envy she felt of the students around her that were able to secure music opportunities through their parents’ connections, and splurge on new clothes and musical equipment.


For the single, Bitty collaborated with producer Jason Gelchen, who has previously worked with other Singaporean musicians like Jasmine Sokko, Linying and RRILEY.

Bitty’s last release prior to ‘Make My Dreams Come True’ was her 2020 album ‘Better Not Bitter’. In 2018, she was nominated for the R&B Artist of the Year award at the Boston Music Awards.