BLACKPINK’s Lisa reveals she was “worried at first” to make her solo debut

“This is my first time doing things by myself, without the team”

Lisa of BLACKPINK has opened up about the worries she had when preparing to make her solo debut.

In a recent interview with 102.7 KIIS FM’s iHeartRadio Countdown, the K-pop star discussed the her initial worries about promoting as a solo artist. Later, the singer also expressed her desire to go on tour and hold live performances for fans again.

“I was worried at first because, you know, this is my first time doing things by myself, without the team, without the members,” Lisa explained. However, the BLACKPINK member added that her bandmates had been happy to cheer her on from behind-the-scenes as she embarked on her solo career.


“They’re super supportive, they were [texting me], ‘Hey, are you okay to be alone?’ And I was like, ‘I’m actually not, but it would nice if you came to me and stayed with me,’” Lisa added. “It’s hard for me to do things on my own, decide things on my own… [but] I think I did a great job.”

Later, the BLACKPINK member went on to discuss the difference between online and live concerts. “I wanna meet my fans,” said the star, who expressed her desire to perform in front of live audiences again.

“We did ask the company [when we could go on tour],” Lisa revealed, but noted that their agency had no immediate plans for the group begin touring again until the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic was more “stable”.

“We don’t want fans to have to wear a mask, and [not be allowed to] scream, it’s weird,” added the singer. “We want to feel the energy, we want to feel the vibe, so we want to make sure that everything is back to normal, and then I think we can start to tour.”


Last week, YG Entertainment confirmed that Lisa had tested positive for COVID-19. The remaining members of BLACKPINK, RoséJennie and Jisoo had undergone PCR tests following the singer’s diagnosis, and later tested negative for the virus.

The entertainment company also noted that Lisa is in a “good state” of health, and that she is “not exhibit[ing] any special symptoms” from her positive COVID-19 diagnosis, as translated by Soompi. “All four members of BLACKPINK have been completely vaccinated for COVID-19,” it added.