BLACKPINK’s Rosé covers Coldplay, Oasis in celebration of her birthday

She also sang a rendition of Neck Deep's 2015 single 'December'

BLACKPINK’s Rosé has unveiled three new live studio covers in commemoration of her 25th birthday.

The Korean-Australian vocalist surprised fans with three new “live studio” acoustic covers of songs by Coldplay, Neck Deep and Oasis on her personal YouTube channel today (February 11), in celebration of her 25th birthday.

The first, which dropped in the early hours of February 11, was a cover of Coldplay’s 2008 hit ‘Viva La Vida’. “I hear Jerusalem bells are ringing / Roman Cavalry choirs are singing / Be my mirror, my sword and shield / My missionaries in a foreign field,” the K-pop idol sings, while reading the lyrics off her phone.


It was followed by a truncated version of Neckdeep’s 2015 single ‘December’, as well as a tender and slowed-down rendition of Oasis’ 1995 classic ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’. For all three covers, Rosé is notably joined by The Black Label producer LØREN on the guitar.

The three live studio renditions are the latest covers Rosé has released, with theprevious one being a cover of ‘Wildfire’ originally by Cautious Clay in December, which she had uploaded to her personal Instagram.

For that cover, she was seen performing with a pale pink electric guitar, which appears to be the one John Mayer gifted to her after she covered one of his songs last year. Mayer had sent Rosé the guitar after she covered his 2006 track ‘Slow Dancing In A Burning Room’ on the South Korean variety show Sea Of Hope in June 2021.


“When I received [the guitar], somebody from my company, they kind of surprised me with it. They were like, ‘We have something to give you, like it’s really important.’ I thought it was something very serious,” she said in an interview months later. “She delivered it to me and she was like, ‘John really wanted to send this to you’, and I was just like ‘Oh my god’. I couldn’t believe it.”