Blackswan announce “graduation” of members Judy and Youngheun

The girl group is now comprised entirely of non-Korean members

K-pop girl group Blackswan have announced the departure of two of its members, Judy and Youngheun.

On July 31, the girl group’s agency shared via their Instagram page that Youngheun and Judy have decided to “graduate” and part ways with the act. The two idols debuted as members of Blackswan in 2020, following the group’s rebranding from their old name BP Rania.

“First of all, we’d like to thank Lumina [Blackswan’s fandom] for always supporting Blackswan’s Youngheun and Judy, who have been members of Blackswan since their debut, are graduating from Blackswan today,” wrote DR Music.


“We had several discussions with Youngheun and Judy about the future over the past few months, but Youngheun and Judy decided to take a different path to fulfill their new dreams, and we also decided to respect their moves.”

The agency went on to add that the group “has been operating by introduction and graduation system from the initial planning stage”, citing the recently recruited Gabi and Sriya as members in their “introduction” stage.

“Since it’s an important issue, we sincerely apologise for the delay in updating to make a careful decision and for causing concern to the fans. Lastly, please support the Blackswan members and Youngheun and Judy who graduated,” said the agency.

Following the departure of Youngheun and Judy, Blackswan now consists entirely of non-Korean members. The group’s current lineup comprises Fatou, Leia, Gabi and Sriya – the latter two having joined the act via DR Music’s global ‘Cynus Project’ audition earlier this year. They have yet to release music with Blackswan.

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