Bohan Phoenix links up with 9m88 on new single ‘GLORY’

A loving tribute to the rapper's mother

Bohan Phoenix has released a new single titled ‘GLORY’, a collaboration with Taiwanese singer 9m88.

‘GLORY’ arrived via Warner Music China last Friday (November 26), which marked the annual Thanksgiving Day festivities in the US – the track was released as the rapper’s way of dedicating the holiday to his mother.

‘GLORY’ is a heartfelt tribute that sees Bohan reminisce about his early years spent with her. In its opening verse, he fondly looks back at their relationship: “She treasured every poem that I wrote / Somewhere in the house she got a shoe box full of those / Every kids dream is to feel loved / And you gave me nothing but that real love”.


9m88 joins the song in its chorus, relaying Bohan’s gratitude for his mother’s nurturing role in his life. “Thank you for your love and glory / All of the things that you had to give up for me / And just by the way you chose to trust me / You gave me the heart to try to be somebody / To be free,” she sings.

Watch the lyric video for ‘GLORY’ below.

In a statement, Bohan wrote that releasing the song on Thanksgiving was his way of redefining what the day means for him – he said that he no longer wishes to celebrate “what that holiday [stands] for” anymore.

“Instead I would like to dedicate this song and day to my beautiful mother Yumei,” he continued.

“Thank you for all that you’ve done for me, my love for you is eternal. And to all the mothers around the world who [carry] worlds on their backs, in the words of Pac, you are appreciated.”


In June, Bohan released his first single of the year, ‘But I Still Love You’, which also marked his major-label debut. The China-born, US-based rapper is currently preparing his first full-length studio album.

Last week, Bohan made an appearance on Thai pop singer Pyra’s latest EP ‘fkn bad pt. 2’, on the track ‘doing coachella’.