Brave Girls tops the Gaon Digital Chart with their viral hit ‘Rollin’’

It also peaked at number one on the Billboard K-pop 100 chart

Brave Girls officially have the most popular song in South Korea: the girl group have topped the Gaon Digital Chart with their viral song ‘Rollin’’.

According to the Korea Music Content Association, which runs the Gaon Music Chart, the 2017 song bested Lim Young-woong’s ‘My Starry Love’ for the top spot on the Digital Chart, which is an aggregate the best-selling digital music sales in the East Asian country.

The song also continued its run atop the Streaming Chart for the second week in a row. In addition, Brave Girls’ 2020 single ‘We Ride’ has also been experiencing a resurgence in popularity, in part due to the success of ‘Rollin”, reaching a new peak at number 44.


The K-pop act also dominated Billboard’s K-pop Hot 100 chart, ending IU’s seven-week run at number one with ‘Celebrity’. Meanwhile, ‘We Ride’ clinched number 24 on the chart.

In the past weeks, Brave Girls also enjoyed immense success in South Korea after going viral. It skyrocketed to number one streaming platforms like Melon, FLO, Genie Music and Bugs!, where it remains at time of writing.

Just recently, the artists also recently won first place on a South Korean music show for the first time ever, after restarting promotional activities for ‘Rollin”. The girl group later revealed that they didn’t expect to perform again after they ended promotional activities for ‘We Ride’ last year.