Brave Girls react to ‘Rollin’’ hitting number one four years after release

“It’s fascinating to see that people are getting to know us little by little”

K-pop group Brave Girls say they are “bewildered” with the sudden resurgence of their 2017 single ‘Rollin’’.

The song was originally released in March 2017 to little fanfare, but thanks to a fan-made compilation video that recently went viral, ‘Rollin’’ has begun to surge up the South Korean charts. The video pieces together various live performances from Brave Girls, alongside comments from listeners, and has since accumulated over 3million views on YouTube.

Watch the video here:


‘Rollin’’ has since reached number one on the South Korean streaming platform Bugs!, knocking IU’s ‘Celebrity’ from the top spot. The song has also peaked at number two on Genie, entered the Top 20 on music app FLO and the Top 100 on Kakao M’s MelOn, as of March 1 at 4:30pm KST.

In an interview with tvX, Brave Girls described their sudden success as “bewildering” while expressing their thankfulness towards listeners. “Now that our song has suddenly risen back on the charts and we’ve actually ranked number one, I feel both dumbfounded and overjoyed. It was our dream to chart on Melon, and I’m so emotional by this that I can only say that I’m grateful,” said member Yujeong, as translated by Soompi.

“We’ve promoted on music shows before, but we never got results as good as we wanted, so we had a lot of worries. It’s fascinating to see that people are getting to know us little by little,” Minyoung added. “We want to continue working hard and think about how we can appeal to the general public.”

Watch the video for ‘Rollin’’ below:


The group also said that they want to build on their newfound popularity with live performances, should the COVID-19 situation in South Korea allow them to do so. “All the members are hungry to perform again after COVID-19 limited the number of performances we could do,” Yuna said. “Once COVID-19 is over, we really want to meet with our fans.”

Brave Girls released the song ‘We Ride’ in mid-2020, three years after the release of ‘Rollin’. The non-album single had a city pop sound and peaked at number 291 on the MelOn daily charts.