Brian Eno, Nicolás Jaar and more contribute to Palestine benefit compilation

Participating artists were asked to submit their versions of an "audio protest"

A new compilation titled ‘It’s Not Complicated’ has been issued to benefit Palestine, featuring music by artists Brian Eno, Nicolás Jaar (under his Against All Logic moniker) and more.

Ma3azef collaborated with mastering engineer Heba Kadry for the 19-track project. The compilation premiered yesterday (July 6) at a listening party by Ma3azef.

Participating artists were asked to submit their versions of an “audio protest”. “We offer a sonic tale of occupation, colonial violence and resistance in the face of an attempt to erase a land, a people, a history and a future,” the album’s liner notes read. “It’s not complicated, and never has been.”


All proceeds from album sales will benefit Medical Aid for Palestine and Grassroots Al-Quds. ‘It’s Not Complicated’ can be previewed and purchased via Bandcamp.


Last year, Ma3azef released ‘Nisf Madeena’, which benefited Beirut organisations in the wake of catastrophic blasts in the city. Jaar contributed to that compilation as well, alongside Fatima Al Qadiri and Deena Abdelwahed.

Both Jaar and Eno have been vocal in their support for Palestine amidst its ongoing crisis. In April, Eno performed at a Live for Gaza fundraiser alongside Tom Morello and Roger Waters. Jaar, on the other hand, has been participating in Sonic Liberation Front, an ongoing protest project by online station Radio Alhara.


Eno launched a new Sonos Radio HD station called The Lighthouse in June, in which he shares exclusive unreleased music from his archive.

Darkside, Jaar’s project with Dave Harrington, will release their long-awaited sophomore album, ‘Spiral’, on July 23 via Matador. So far the duo have previewed the album with the songs ‘Liberty Bell’, ‘The Limit’ and ‘Lawmaker’.

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