Bring Me The Horizon on working with “rockstar” Yungblud and “really special” BABYMETAL

Of Yungblud, he says: "Not since Bowie have we had people who are just so unashamedly and genuinely themselves and don’t give fuck or play by the rules”

Bring Me The Horizon‘s Oli Sykes has explained how the band came to work with Yungblud and BABYMETAL on their new EP, ‘Post Human: Survival Horror‘.

Sykes opened up about the making of the record for this week’s NME Big Read cover story, discussing how the EP was shaped by the impact of coronavirus, corrupt leaders, world tragedies, race protests, cancel culture and climate change. ‘Survival Horror’ also features some collaborations, including one his “favourite new bands” Nova Twins and Evanescence‘s Amy Lee (who Sykes told us “sued” them before she revealed herself to be a fan and they worked together) – as well as Yungblud and former touring mates BABYMETAL.

Praising Yungblud for his guest vocals on the single ‘Obey’, Sykes told NME: “He’s the kind of artist that rock needs – the kind of rockstar that changes a scene. I love him; he lights up a room. He’s the polar opposite to me. I wish I could have that confidence that he has. It’s infectious and that’s why a lot of kids look up to him.


“Not since Bowie have we had people who are just so unashamedly and genuinely themselves and don’t give fuck or play by the rules.”

Another reason behind the collaboration was their shared belief that would be a shot in the arm for the rock scene.

“Even Yungblud was like, ‘Doing a song together is so good for the scene’,” said Sykes. “It doesn’t matter if you’ve got the best band in the world, because if that’s the only one, then that scene dies… You can count on two hands the prominent rock bands that aren’t legacy acts or indie/pop bands like The 1975.

“For actually heavy rock, there aren’t really enough artists to coax people in. I get excited when I see Machine Gun Kelly doing a pop-punk album. That’s going to bring people into our world.”

Bring Me The Horizon Big Read


After Japanese metal sensation BABYMETAL told NME that they’d love to one day work with Bring Me, now they appear on the track ‘Kingslayer’.

“We wanted to do something with them for ages,” Sykes told NME. “We’ve got a really special connection with them, even though we don’t speak the same language. We don’t hang out or have conversations, but when you see them, it makes you really happy.

“They work so well with the whole idea of this record being cyber-punk-y. It sounds like an anime TV trailer.”

In our cover interview, as well discussing cancel culture, the state of rock music, recent all-star collaborations and the impact of coronavirus on the world stage, Sykes also shared his opinions on Donald Trump and the polar extremes of left and right-wing politics.

Read our full NME Big Read cover interview with Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes here.

‘Post Human: Survival Horror’ by Bring Me The Horizon is out now. The band will embark on a UK arena tour next year.

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