BTS’ agency Big Hit Entertainment rebrands itself as HYBE

However, the company is not phasing out the Big Hit branding

Big Hit Entertainment, the agency of K-pop megastars BTS, is set to rebrand itself as HYBE in a bid to expand the scope of their operations.

Earlier today (March 19), Big Hit Entertainment officially introduced the company’s new name during a brand presentation on YouTube. According to the company, its new name HYBE represents its drive to become a “music-based entertainment lifestyle company”, adding that it symbolises connection, expansion and relationships.

However, despite this rebranding, the company reassured that the well-known Big Hit moniker is not being phased out. “The identity of Big Hit Entertainment will live on as ‘Big Hit Music’ as a label that makes up HYBE,” said Chairman and CEO Bang Si-Hyuk. He added that HYBE acts as a “bigger vessel for Big Hit to nestle in”.



Big Hit Music will now be under the HYBE Labels division, alongside the rest of the company’s different music lavels. They also include Belift Lab (ENHYPEN), Source Music (GFRIEND), Pledis Entertainment (SEVENTEEN, NU’EST), KOZ Entertainment (Zico, Penomeco) and HYBE Labels Japan.

Besides music, the company will also feature two more main divisions: HYBE Solutions, and HYBE Platforms. The former is set to consist of “expert business units” that will be specialized in areas such as video content, IP, education, games and more.

Meanwhile, the company describes HYPE Platforms as “the centre that connects and expands all HYBE content and services” to the public. The division currently only consists of the fan community platform app Weverse.

The company also revealed their new building in Yong-san, Seoul. Its design adopts a “nomad” concept, focusing on functionality. The building will house different spaces to accommodate the varied needs of every employee and division, allowing flexibility to gather and disperse on a project-by-project basis.


Yesterday, HYBE launched a campaign film  titled ‘WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE IN?’ to welcome the new brand, starring some of the label’s artists. The campaign film was also included as part of the brand presentation.

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