Songwriter of BTS’ ‘Butter’ says ’90s references were “very much intentional”

Andrews had previously praised BTS leader RM for his contributions to the song

One of the songwriters on BTS‘ latest hit single ‘Butter’ has revealed that the ’90s references in the song were deliberate.

In a recent interview with BillboardCanadian songwriter Jenna Andrews disclosed the creative processes behind the conception of ‘Butter’, which were done over multiple Zoom sessions earlier this year with the song’s other co-writers. Andrews revealed that the writers had consciously sprinkled some nineties Easter eggs in the song, tying in to the retro vibe of the song.

“The ’90s references – like the Usher line, and both the ‘rock with me’ and ‘when I look in the mirror’ nod to Michael Jackson – were very much intentional,” said Andrews. She also added that the concept of the song first took shape when Ron Perry, the CEO of Columbia Records, made a suggestion to take inspiration from Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’, resulting in the song’s hook: “Smooth like butter”. 


Andrews also noted the performance of ‘Butter’ on the charts had exceeded her expectations, with the single now on its third consecutive week atop the Billboard Hot 100.  She said that she and her fellow songwriters had “hoped and manifested this, but it still feels surreal seeing it on the top of the charts”.

Andrews had also recently spoke to Genius about her experience working alongside BTS leader and ‘Butter’ co-writer RM. “RM really doesn’t get enough credit for his world-class executive production talent,” she said. “Many who aren’t ARMY tend to forget or don’t know… he’s been behind the scenes helming the sound of the biggest group in the world.”

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