BTS’ Jin unveils ‘The Astronaut’, new solo single co-written by Coldplay

Jin will join Coldplay onstage in Buenos Aires tomorrow to give the song its live debut

BTSJin has released his solo single ‘The Astronaut’, a collaboration with Coldplay.

‘The Astronaut’ was co-written by both Jin and Coldplay, and marks the second time the K-pop boyband have joined forces with the British four-piece – they last teamed up on the latter’s 2021 song ‘My Universe’.

In the music video for ‘The Astronaut’, Jin hangs out with two kids in suburbia, teaching one how to ride a bike and taking photos with the other. But he encounters a massive spaceship that takes him into outer space.


After the release of ‘The Astronaut’, Jin is set to perform the new song alongside Coldplay at the band’s forthcoming concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina, set to be held on October 28 at 7pm ET. The performance will also be broadcast live in over 3,500 cinemas across more than 75 countries/regions.

After wrapping up promotional activities for ‘The Astronaut’, Jin will become the first BTS member to enlist for mandatory military service, per an announcement from Big Hit Music on October 17. It also mentioned that the boyband have plans to reconvene at full strength by 2025.