BTS’ RM confesses feeling like he “hit a wall” after Grammys performance

“You don’t climb to the top and stay there by maintaining the status quo”

BTS leader and rapper RM has shared his thoughts on the group’s next steps following their historic Grammys performance earlier this year.

In a recent interview with Weverse Magazine, the K-pop idol opened up about feeling as if he had “hit a wall” after BTS’ performance at the Grammys earlier in April. RM shared that while he believed the act had “astonished” people with their performances, it was time for them to shift their focus to their message as a group.

“It’s something I felt when I looked at artists like Lady Gaga or H.E.R. who devote their entire lives to their music: We need a message so we can be sure and assert our own image, too,” explained RM. “I think it’s time for us to move beyond astonishing people and think again about what kind of messages we can send people now.”


He went on to add that he did not “believe” in maintaining the status quo as an artist. “You don’t climb to the top and stay there by maintaining the status quo. I feel like I need to do something better but I haven’t been able to grasp what it is yet,” explained the rapper.

Later, RM confessed to being unsure of what BTS have become in more recent times. “I definitely had a grasp of what this group is back in the day, but now it seems like I hit this phase where it’s impossible for me to know what the group is like or even who I am that clearly,” he said.

“I have this urgent desire inside me to be inspired by all the inspiration and influence in the world. What should BTS be saying to the world from now on? What position should BTS be remembered for taking at this point? How are we going to function moving forward?” RM pondered. “I want to get inspiration about these things from others.”

Earlier this week, the K-pop titans announced that they would be “[taking] time to explore some solo projects” during a live broadcast celebrating their ninth anniversary. The boyband are set to embark on an extended break in order to pursue solo work.

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