BTS say they feel there are “walls” for Asians in the music industry

“When we talk about Asian hate, our path [is] these awards [and] our music”

BTS have opened up about anti-Asian hate and what it feels like to be Asians in the global music industry.

During a recent press conference, which came shortly after the first day of their Permission To Dance On Stage concerts in Los Angeles, the septet were asked about the rise of anti-Asian hate around the world, per Teen Vogue.

“I wasn’t born and raised abroad, but as Asians – these past years, our path around the world, we truly felt the walls,” said BTS leader RM. “The walls can be always described as words, sometimes it’s visible, sometimes it’s invisible and sensitive.”


“When we talk about Asian hate, our path [is] these awards [and] our music,” he continued, adding that he hopes the septet can “truly help every Asian in the world”. BTS had also previously spoken about discrimination this March, in support of the ongoing #StopAsianHate movement.

Elsewhere during the press conference, the boyband also touched on their second Grammy nomination, this time for ‘Butter’ at the upcoming 2022 ceremony. “Being nominated for a Grammy is not easy, winning a Grammy is not easy,” said Suga.

“I’m actually thankful there are still barriers [and] challenges we can work to overcome,” he added. “There’s a Korean saying that any tree can be felled with 10 strokes of the axe, so we’ve hit it twice, maybe if we hit it eight more times.”

In other BTS news, member V is set to contribute a song to the soundtrack of upcoming K-drama Our Beloved Summer. The as-yet-unnamed track will be produced by music director Nam Hye-seung, who has previously worked on the original soundtracks of hits such as Goblin (2016), It’s Okay To Not Be Okay (2020) and Crash Landing On You (2019).