BTS share trailer for new mobile game ‘BTS Universe Story’

Featuring both live action and animated portrayals of the group

BTS have shared a dramatic ten-minute trailer for Netmarble’s upcoming mobile game, BTS Universe Story.

All seven members of the group star in the video, which features both live action and animated portrayals of each member. Various scenes in the clip also reference BTS music videos, including ‘Run’ and ‘I Need U’. The clip also features previously releases scenes from the game’s concept art teaser, which was released in August 2019.

Watch the new trailer below:


BTS Universe Story will be released on iOS and Android on September 24. According to the game’s official website, it is an interactive storytelling game that allows players to make choices in order to decide narrative outcomes.

The game will also feature additional modes, including “Story Creation”, where users can form their own narratives with in-built tools, and “Collection”, where players can dress BTS members up in various clothes and accessories. Players can even acquire an exclusive outfit if they choose to pre-register either on the Google Play, or Apple’s App Store.

It’s not the first video game featuring the Korean band. In June last year, the group starred in BTS World, also developed by Netmarble, where the player assumed the role of BTS’ manager, and explored each member’s personal lives prior to their debut as a group.

Earlier this month, BTS released their music video for their latest single, ‘IONIQ: I’m On I’, created in partnership with South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai. The song followed previous single ‘Dynamite’, which saw BTS soar to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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