BTS’ Suga says he feels “a bit dazed” over the success of ‘Permission To Dance’

"There's definitely some pressure, but doing the best we can do is how we've always done it"

BTS rapper Suga has expressed his gratitude towards fans over the success of the group’s latest single ‘Permission To Dance’.

In a brief vlog uploaded to the group’s YouTube channel BANGTANTV on July 21, Suga opened up about his feelings over the success of ‘Permission To Dance’, which recently debuted at Number One on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. During the video, the K-pop idol also conveyed his gratefulness towards the group’s fans (also known as ARMYs) for the achievement.

“I couldn’t sleep and was really happy. I never thought we would achieve such a result,” he said “I did hope for it, but I didn’t expect it. So seeing this great result, I just had to make this [vlog] to express my gratitude.” Aside from debuting atop the Hot 100, ‘Permission To Dance’. also replaced the group’s previous single ‘Butter’, which spent seven consecutive weeks at Number One in the weeks prior.


“Thanks to all the love and interest from ARMY, ‘Permission To Dance’ was able to take Number One again,” Suga added. “I’m really honoured, and I’m very… How do I put it? I’m still a bit dazed [over the achievement].”

However, the BTS member also shared that there is “definitely some pressure” on the group to continue succeeding, but concluded that “doing the best we can do is how we’ve have always done it”.

BTS recently reached a new milestone with their chart-topping 2020 English single ‘Dynamite’, which surpassed a billion streams on Spotify earlier this week. With this, they have become the first K-pop act to ever reach this milestone and are expected to be added to the streaming platform’s official ‘Billions Club’ playlist alongside past hit songs from Harry Styles, Queen and Ed Sheeran.

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