BTS’ V talks struggling with identity and how it inspired his choices for ‘Proof’

“I tended to think of Kim Tae-hyung and artist V as being separate"

BTS vocalist V has opened up about his struggles with identity and how they influenced his song choices for the boyband’s upcoming release, ‘Proof’.

In a new video shared by the boyband’s label Big Hit Music, the 26-year-old singer discussed the reason why he had chosen his 2018 solo track ‘Singularity’ and the song ‘0:00 (Zero O’Clock)’ to be included in BTS’ upcoming anthology album ‘Proof’.

“I tended to think of Kim Tae-hyung (the singer’s real name) and artist V as being separate, and thought that I had to choose one or the other,” he confessed in the clip, adding that this conflict was reflected in the music video for ‘Singularity’. “That was when I thought hard about who I was as a person, and I felt a bit confused,” explained V.


The vocalist went on to describe the two sides of his identity: “Artist V performs on stage, and enjoys himself with ARMY. But Kim Tae-hyung spends ordinary days with family and friends.”

“Now, I’m able to accept both sides of myself, but also keep them separate,” he shared, likening the process to how the day resets at Midnight, hence his choice to include the contemplative ‘0:00 (Zero O’Clock)’ in the album. “I think all this time I spent pondering is the proof that made me into who I am today,” V concluded.

BTS are currently gearing up to drop their upcoming anthology album ‘Proof’,  a 48-track compilation set to include many of the boyband’s hit singles, from ‘Boy With Luv’ featuring Halsey to their debut single ‘No More Dream’, as well as three brand-new songs.

In addition, the record will also feature an entire disc of previously unreleased demos and fan-favourite tracks.

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