Cantika Abigail releases her debut solo EP, ‘Ode To Blue’

The five-track release marks her first solo EP since GAC’s hiatus

Indonesian singer-songwriter Cantika Abigail has released her debut solo EP, ‘Ode To Blue’.

The GAC member released the five-track EP today (October 29) via Sony Music Indonesia, marking her first collection of songs since the group’s hiatus.

The EP features two previous singles ‘Start Over’ and ‘Sign’, with the latter featuring hip-hop artist Rayi Putra.


The three new songs – ‘Ace of Hearts’, ‘T.L.C.’ and ‘Your Loss’ – were written with multi-instrumentalist Kenny Gabriel. Stream the EP below.

Abigail summarises the EP to NME as proof that “it’s good to be an independent woman, but it’s also good to feel clingy and in need of love at other times”.

In a press statement, Abigail also shared her experience working on the project. “I got the chance to really put my hands on this EP,” she said. “Recalling memories and moods can turn out to be an interesting experience, in order to create songs.”

Abigail is set to perform at the upcoming FLAVS Festival virtual event this weekend.


Abigail’s GAC bandmates Gamaliél and Audrey Tapiheru have also released debut EPs this year. The band have been on hiatus since August 2019.

Tapiheru’s ‘LoveLock’ was released earlier this month, while Gamaliél’s ‘Q1’ was issued in May.

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