Caprice enlists Yonnyboii, Meerfly and more Malaysian rappers for ‘XDE HAL’ freestyle cypher

The Malaysian rappers' freestyle cypher rework came together in just three days

Caprice – now known as DaddyCap – has joined forces with six other Malaysian rappers for a new freestyle cypher remix of his 2014 track ‘Xde Hal Bro’.

The rework – which DaddyCap says was recorded in just three days – was uploaded onto the rapper’s YouTube channel on Monday (April 11). The track, now titled ‘XDE HAL’ features a new verse from DaddyCap, as well as verses from Meerfly, Yonnyboii, Zynakal, Elva, Alfie Zumi and Syameer.

The track features each rapper showing off their signature flow over a slick trap beat. DaddyCap delivers the freestyle’s only English verse, while Elva also raps in Mandarin. The rest of the track is performed in Malay.


Watch the lyric video for ‘XDE HAL’ below.

The lyrics video’s visuals are inspired by popular Bored Ape Yacht Club non-fungible tokens. These include digitally designed apes that bear resemblance to the rappers, donning gas masks, bucket hats, hoodies and more.

Prior to releasing the ‘XDE HAL’ freestyle remix, Caprice reportedly changed his moinker to DaddyCap in December. In January, he released the collaborative track ‘AYAH’ with SonaOne, Zynakal, and TujuLoca.

Meerfly released the single ‘Sis’ in January, while Yonnyboii shared a romantic synth-wave track titled ‘NIKI’ later that month. Zynakal most recently issued the ‘TerOK’ single in early February.