Capt’n Trips and the Kid tease third album with psychedelic single ‘Jack Smack’

"Like it or hate it, the choice is yours. We don't care. Let's dance"

Malaysian rock band Capt’n Trips and the Kid have teased their upcoming third album with a new psychedelic single, ‘Jack Smack’.

The new song was made available on major streaming services on Wednesday (February 3). Their new album is expected later this year.

“It was really fun making this! Like it or hate it, the choice is yours. We don’t care. Let’s dance,” the band said of the new song on Instagram yesterday.


Listen to ‘Jack Smack’ below.

The band’s frontman Jes Ishmael told NME the song was written during a phase before the lockdown when “we were going out a lot and hosting parties at our houses.”

“The inspiration for the song was the music that we’d play during these gatherings.”

In July last year, Capt’n Trips and the Kid released their second album ‘Iteration 33’. The eight-track album was the follow-up to the band’s debut album ‘The Paraverse’, which had 11 songs and dropped in 2017.

Formed in 2013 under a different name, Capt’n Trips and The Kid debuted with the five-track EP ‘Sroom’.


Other than Jes Ishmael (guitars and synth), the band consists of synth player Que Deen, bassist Uzayr Khalid, guitarists Sean Totten and Wei Hun, as well as drummer Omar Aiman.

Capt’n Trips and the Kid was recently billed alongside fellow Malaysian acts Skits, Golden Mammoth, Jemson, Court 10, FAZZ, and The Filters on the line-up of the Music Lane Festival Okinawa 2021. The Japanese festival has been postponed from its initial dates of January 16 and 17 to sometime later this year.