Cardi B praises Teyana Taylor after retirement announcement: “She got the best album this year”

"I hate that she feels how she feels cause she sooo talented and the music is soo good"

Cardi B has praised Teyana Taylor after the singer announced she is retiring from music.

Last week (December 4), Taylor took to Instagram to share the results from Spotify’s 2020 Artists Wrapped, which showed she has accumulated 162.8 million listens on the streaming platform this year.

In a lengthy caption accompanying the post, she expressed feelings of being “super under appreciated as an artist” and receiving “little to no real push from the ‘machine.'”


While Taylor expressed satisfaction with her result, she said such success meant she was “retiring this chapter of my story” in the knowledge that she can “depart with peace of mind seeing that all the hard work & passion put in was indeed loved & supported somewhere in the world.”

Responding to the move on Twitter, Cardi B wrote: “If you know me then you know Teyana Taylor’s album it’s my favorite of 2020. I swear she really got the best album this year.

“I hate that she feels how she feels cause she sooo talented and the music is soo good.”

Over the weekend, Teyana went on to confirm that her comments were aimed at her record label.

Taylor said:”[The] majority of what that post was to warn my label who I’ve been signed to for almost 10 years. Everything that you guys see of me, everything that I put out, everything that I do is like, 100% me.”


“…My thing about it is, there’s no gun to anybody’s head to do anything that they don’t want to do. So yes, I am going to feel under-appreciated if I’m putting in 110% and my label is giving me, they’re reciprocating what 10% of that…

“I constantly feel alone, I’m constantly feel under-appreciated, I constantly feel failed…there is literally no push.”

Last week, Taylor also hit out at Grammy bosses after the nominations for the 2021 awards failed to shortlist any female artists in the Best R&B Album category.

In June, Taylor released her third studio album, ‘The Album’, which NME called “a celebration of family and a statement of self-love” in its four-star review.

“Teyana Taylor has finally delivered a record that scratches far beneath the surface of her persona as she triumphantly prioritises herself, from her sexuality to her vulnerabilities,” the review added.