Cardi B reportedly files ‘WAP’ trademark for a new merch line that includes alcohol and soft drinks

The rapper has already released a string of waterproof 'WAP' items

Cardi B has reportedly filed to trademark ‘WAP’ for her next range of merchandise, with the rapper apparently set to release ‘WAP’-titled alcoholic and soft drinks.

Released back in August, Cardi’s Megan Thee Stallion collaboration has been a huge hit for both artists and went to number one in both the UK and US.

According to TMZ, Cardi is now planning to capitalise on the success of ‘WAP’ by trademarking the acronym for a new line of merch.


The outlet reports that the Bronx rapper wants to put ‘WAP’ on items of clothing, headwear, footwear, athletic bags, purses and jewellery.

Trademarks of ‘WAP’ have also reportedly been applied for by Cardi for use in marketing spirits, beer, sports drinks, soft drinks, fruit juices, mineral water and more.

These items could join the range of waterproof ‘WAP’ merchandise that is already available to purchase on her WapStore.

The water-themed merch included umbrellas, raincoats and spandex bras, along with a biker shorts set, a sweater, cropped t-shirts and more.

The raincoat, which comes in black, purple or white, is selling for $125 (£95) and sports the ‘WAP’ slogan across the front along with an XXX and 18+ warning on either arm. The umbrella costs $25 (£19) and is available in black or purple.


Last weekend, a YouTuber created a new parody version of the ‘WAP’ video using clips from classic Disney films.

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