Watch Caroline Polachek’s new short film to accompany a reworking of her solo track ‘The Gate’

Marking the one-year anniversary of the release of her debut solo album ‘Pang’

Caroline Polachek has shared a new version of her solo song ‘The Gate’ — check out its accompanying short film below.

The track has been released today (October 19) to mark the one-year anniversary since the release of her debut solo album ‘Pang’, which came out a year ago yesterday (October 18).

‘The Gate [Extended Mix]’ is a 10-minute reworking of that album’s opening track, and has been released today through her Orchard label imprint Perpetual Novice.


A short film to accompany the song has also been shared this afternoon. A collaboration with the 3D digital artist Ezra Miller, a press releases explains that it was “inspired by Polachek’s painting references” and that “Miller processed the landscapes through a neural style transfer algorithm he trained on a dataset of J. W. Turner & Yves Tanguy paintings”.

The track, which was produced by Polachek, is described as “an epilogue to the album” that contains motifs and melodies that are woven in from other songs on ‘Pang’.

“In the original version of the song, the closing lyric (‘finally there’s a way / to be both free and safe‘) are the words I’m waiting to hear, but never do,” Polachek said in a statement. “The extended version of the song then is a sort of parallel universe or alternate ending, where those words not only arrive, but ring true.”

Back in April, Polachek released an instrumental version of ‘Pang’ through her Bandcamp page.

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