Cebuano duo Mandaue Nights drop new song, ‘What’s It Gonna Be’

Written and sung in Bisaya

Cebu-based synth-pop group Mandaue Nights have released their latest single, ‘What’s It Gonna Be’.

The Visayan duo’s new song, out today (July 2), relates the experience of unexpectedly becoming romantically interested in a friend and daydreaming romantic scenarios with that person.

As vocalist and guitarist Karl Lucente put it, “Tipong dahil lagi kayong magkasama, parang tumatakbo sa isip mo na, ‘Tayo na ba?’” – “Because you’re always together, you start to wonder, ‘Are we an item yet?’”


‘What’s It Gonna Be’ is written in the duo’s first language of Bisaya or Cebuano. Listen to the track here:

Prior to the release of this track, Mandaue Nights lent a hand in producing fellow Cebuano band Alice Who’s debut single, ‘Touch’.

‘What’s It Gonna Be?’ is the duo’s second release of the year, following the track ‘Forgotten Ones’ last April. In 2020, the pair dropped their sophomore EP called ‘Man On The Moon’, as well as singles ‘Inside My Head’, ‘First Kiss’, and ‘Padayon Ang Pasko’.

Mandaue Nights – composed of Karl Lucente (guitars, vocals) and Gino Rosales (synths, vocals) – began breaking into the public limelight in their hometown Cebu, Philippines in July 2017. They released their debut single ‘You & I’ in the same year, followed by their first EP ‘Love City’ in 2018.