Watch Charlie Lim’s new video for ‘Won’t You Come Around’ with Aisyah Aziz

The simmering duet was recorded in English and Malay

Charlie Lim has released a music video for his new single with Aisyah Aziz, ‘Won’t You Come Around’.

The duet by the two Singaporeans, which features lyrics in English and Malay, was released last Friday (January 22). The music video, which dropped Monday (January 25), was directed by Jonathan Choo, who last worked with Lim on the music video for ‘Welcome Home’.

The ‘Won’t You Come Around’ video features Lim and Aisyah each singing their parts of emotive track through the night and into the dawn – and ends with the duo meeting on a couch by the beach. Watch it below.


Lim and Aisyah debuted the bilingual single at the former’s headlining concert at Marina Bay Sands last December. Lim describes ‘Won’t You Come Around’ as a love song “about understanding that the search for ‘real love’ doesn’t exist – it’s about what you build together over time.”

Lim’s first release of the year, ‘Won’t You Come Around’ was originally co-written with pianist Chok Kerong, who performs with the singer-songwriter in Charlie Lim and The Mothership. Lim decided the song would work as a duet, reaching out to Aziz to collaborate.

“Even though the production is quite modern, I felt like the mood of the song was reminiscent of an old soul ballad, and thought Aisyah would be perfect,” says Lim. “She’s so expressive and her tone and phrasing [make] her one of the best singers in our generation, and everything she brought to the table just fit so effortlessly.”

It was during the production process that the decision to include Malay lyrics was made. “Neither of us planned it to be that way but when we were in the studio tracking the demo, it felt instinctive for me to start [in Malay],” said Aziz in a press release.


The single arrives on the heels of a prolific 2020 for Lim, in which he collaborated with artists around Asia – including Singapore’s Linying and Gentle Bones, Philippines’ Clara Benin (on a new version of her song ‘Wine’ on the EP ‘Fragments’), and Japanese artists Miho Fukuhara and Kan Sano.