Check out Kugiran Masdo’s sci-fi music video for ‘Janji Manis’

A colourful visual for the 'Jalan Abbey' track

Malaysian retro rock band Kugiran Masdo have dropped a colourful music video for their song ‘Janji Manis’ (‘Sweet Promises’).

The animated video, which arrived on YouTube on New Year’s Day, is the third to be released from their second album ‘Jalan Abbey’.

The new music video, which is a collaboration with local animator Pert Doherty, revolves around a desert surfer who is in search of an eternal lover.


Watch the ‘Janji Manis’ video below:

“Throughout the journey, he meets with many situations that were filled with promises, whether to himself or others,” the video’s description reads.

“Most of them were full of sweet promises and he was able to avoid them all. Until the end, he meets with the ‘final promise’.”

‘Janji Manis’ also features indie-rock veteran Hujan’s guitarist AG Coco on backing vocals, plus Zach Zainir, who played organs, accordion, and piano on the track.

The music video also comes almost a year after the band released ‘Jalan Abbey’, which they recorded in the famed Abbey Road Studios in London in late 2019.


The five-track album was mixed by sound engineer Chris Bolster, who had previously worked with the likes of Maroon 5, Foo Fighters, Oasis and more.

In March last year, the band dropped two separate music videos for their track ‘Kasih & Sayang’, followed by another for ‘Hari Inikan Hari Raya’ to celebrate the Eid festive season in May.

Kugiran Masdo consists of vocalist and guitarist Ali Sariah, lead guitarist Asmawi, and bassist Putu Ceri. Their drummer Ambobzeela, real name Azham Ahmad, is also a founding member of Hujan.

Formed in 2015, the band gained fame with their ’60s pop sound and the singles ‘Bunga’, ‘Bercanda Di Malam Indah’, and ‘Dinda’, among others. They dropped their debut album ‘Selamat Tinggal Pujaan’ (‘Farewell to the Admired’) in 2018.