Chris Rock says he tried to get Cardi B her own comedy show

"I think Cardi B is one of the funniest people [...] She’s neck and neck with Bill Burr"

Chris Rock has revealed that he once pitched a comedy show starring Cardi B, before she had released any music.

Speaking to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show about the younger comedians he’s promoted throughout his career, he described Cardi as “one of the funniest people.”

“Cardi B, I saw on some YouTube thing, my kids showed me this Cardi B girl. She didn’t have a record out or anything, I was like ‘OK we should do a show with her,'” Rock said.


“I’m not even gonna say what network. We went, me, Cardi B and her management, to get a show going and it just never happened. She told me about her rap at the time, I was like ‘yeah yeah that’s good. Anyway, you’re a comedy star!”

Comparing her to some acclaimed contemporary comedians, he said: “I think Cardi B is the funniest woman, or one of the funniest people, you know. It’s like Chappelle, Cardi, you know what I mean?

“Like, in the standings right now, who are the funniest people in the world? Cardi’s right up there. She’s neck and neck with Bill Burr. She’s good, man.”

Last week, meanwhile, Cardi and her sister Hennessy Carolina were accused of defamation in a new lawsuit filed by supporters of President Donald Trump.


According to TMZ, the two are being sued based on claims of defaming a group of Trump supporters by labelling them as racist following a disagreement that took place earlier this month in the Hamptons.