Ciudad’s Mikey Amistoso releases Hannah + Gabi EP ‘Winter/Thoughts They Disappear’

Expect more Hannah + Gabi material in 2021

Filipino singer-songwriter Hannah + Gabi – the mellow alter ego of indie rock band Ciudad frontman Mikey Amistoso – has released the new EP ‘Winter/Thoughts They Disappear’.

Amistoso announced the release on Twitter on February 24. Included in the EP are his latest singles ‘Winter’ and ‘Thoughts They Disappear’, which were first released in January.

The project also includes “Home Versions” of the tracks featuring Jazz Nicolas of Filipino rock band The Itchyworms, James Baluyut of American indietronic band +/- and Selena Davis of Filipino indie pop band Slow Hello (also formerly of Ang Bandang Shirley).


Besides the EP, Amistoso has also shared a video in which he performs remotely with his collaborators from their respective homes.

Listen to ‘Winter/Thoughts They Disappear’ and watch the video below.

In an interview with The Rest Is Noise PH, Amistoso said he wrote ‘Winter’ because felt like he was in a “winter phase”. “[Y]ou know – with the trees not having leaves, everything being cold and dry – and I was looking forward to the springs and summers and autumns that will be coming,” he said.

Amistoso also told the publication that he will be releasing more songs this year.


His ‘Winter/Thoughts They Disappear’ Home Version collaborators have also been active recently. The Itchyworms dropped their fifth album ‘Waiting For The End to Start’ in August last year. Meanwhile, Slow Hello made their Spotify debut in July when they uploaded their 2013 album ‘Audio Baby’.

Amistoso started Hannah + Gabi in 2010. According to his Facebook page, the project “served as an outlet for his quieter, more mellow songs.” He released the first Hannah + Gabi album ‘Haha Yes’ in the same year.

In 2015, he released his second album ‘Years Gone’, featuring tracks like ‘Finlegs’, Waiting for the Rainfall’ and ‘New Window’. The songs were also used in Marie Jamora’s film Ang Nawawala (What Isn’t There).