Clara Benin reimagines hit single ‘Tila’ with an Indonesian twist in ‘Suara Hati’

The track sees her reimagine the 2015 acoustic ballad in Bahasa Indonesia

Filipino singer-songwriter Clara Benin has given her 2015 song ‘Tila’ a new spin with ‘Suara Hati’, which is written in Bahasa Indonesia.

The track – which premiered on streaming services today (August 13) – reimagines the acoustic ballad with its theme of universal love in a new language.

‘Suara Hati’, which loosely translates as ‘Voice Of The Heart’, also comes after Benin joined Sony Music’s Southeast Asian label OFFMUTE recently.


Watch the music video for ‘Suara Hati’ below.

“I think the important thing is to know and understand the message of the song, which is simply love,” said Benin in a statement. “I really tried to channel that message into the way I delivered the vocals and played the guitar.”

The re-recorded track was made with the help of composer and producer The Ringmaster, who previously collaborated with other Filipino acts such as USS and Ang Bandang Shirley.

“It was really important for me to make this song sound authentic and true to its language,” Benin said a statement.

“My producer, The Ringmaster, made that easy for me because he actually grew up in Indonesia and speaks Bahasa fluently. He helped me a lot with the pronunciation and delivery of the vocals. Berto Pah, who is an Indonesian Sasando player, also helped in making the song sound authentic.”


Originally sung in Filipino, ‘Tila’ is taken off her 2015 EP ‘Riverchild’. Watch Benin perform the original track below.

Earlier in March, Benin unveiled ‘A Day At A Time’, a collaborative single with Singaporean artist Gentle Bones. It comes after she dropped her latest EP ‘Fragments’ in November last year, which included an alternate version of ‘Wine’, featuring Singapore’s Charlie Lim.

Benin released her 10-track debut album ‘Human Eyes’ back in 2014. It included songs like ‘Easy’, ‘Closure’ and ‘Be My Thrill’.

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