Watch Colde’s funky rendition of aespa’s hit song ‘Next Level’

The singer was also recently featured in Epik High's new single 'Rain Song'

South Korean R&B artist Colde has released a cover of K-pop girl group aespa‘s hit single ‘Next Level’.

Code drops adopting a fresh approach to the dance-pop track, incorporating elements of funk and rock into his rendition of ‘Next Level’. During the performance, Colde also took this opportunity to showcase his vocals and rap ability.

“I’m on the next level / I open the door over there / Next Level, I’ll destroy you in the end / Until I reach the next level, KOSMO,” he raps from a dimly lit room with blue and yellow neon lights.


The original version of ‘Next Level’ was released by aespa in May. The song itself is a remake of Australian singer Aston’s 2019 song of the same name, which was featured on the soundtrack of the film Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw.

aespa’s version of ‘Next Level’ include reworked lyrics as well as a brand-new bridge section. The lyrics of the song also act as a sequel to the story about a virtual word called Kwangya, first referenced in the group’s debut track ‘Black Mamba’.

In other news, SM Entertainment have hinted at the possibility of a Hollywood film based on the aespa universe. “We are currently being contacted by people from Hollywood to create movies together,” SM founder Lee Soo-Man said.

Meanwhile, Colde was recently featured in Epik High’s new single ‘Rain Song’. The song is expected to be included in the second part of the K-hip-hop trio’s ‘Epik High Is Here’ album, due out later this year.

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