CRAVITY on releasing their first studio album: “It still doesn’t feel real”

“Releasing a full-length album was one of the items on my bucket list as a singer and as an idol," member Won-jin shared

K-pop boy group CRAVITY have revealed their thoughts and creative process behind their recently-released studio album, ‘The Awakening: Written In The Stars’.

During the online showcase held in light of the album’s release yesterday (August 19), the nine-member group shared their sentiments toward their first full-length album.

Seong-min pointed out that they were “pretty nervous”, as ‘The Awakening’ was their first release since CRAVITY concluded their previous ‘Hideout’ series of extended plays. “We worked really hard in order to show a more complete performance, and it still doesn’t feel real [that the album is out],” said the singer, according to Soompi‘s translations.


Members Allen and Se-rim have also been credited for the lyrics of the album’s lead single, ‘Gas Pedal’, of which Allen shared, “It was the first time that Se-rim and I had participated in the lyrics for a title track”. “The words compare CRAVITY’s growth to the speed-up you get from stepping on the accelerator,” he explained.

“Releasing a full-length album was one of the items on my bucket list as a singer and as an idol,” vocalist Won-jin divulged, before adding that the group had worked “even harder than before” on ‘The Awakening: Written In The Stars’.

In a three-star review of the albumNME’s Ruby C wrote that the group “should embrace their adolescent ideals while they still can, and ensure that it gets channelled into their music”.

“After all, it’s what shines the most in ‘The Awakening: Written In The Stars’. Hopefully, it’ll be something that they’ll remember: that even as they grow, they should continue to stay true to who they are as they enjoy their moment,” she wrote. “And right now, it’s in relishing every bit that their youth has to offer.”

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