Crush on dating Red Velvet’s Joy: “The number of days where I am smiling has increased”

“Due to the positivity and brightness of that person, my heart has also become healthier”

South Korean singer Crush has opened up about his relationship with Joy, a member of K-pop girl group Red Velvet.

The musician shared more about his relationship with Joy through his official fan cafe website on August 23, just hours after news broke that the pair were an item. Earlier in the day, the singers’ respective labels, P Nation and SM Entertainment, had also confirmed the news.

In his post, Crush addressed how he had been “taken aback” by the sudden media reports, saying that he had wanted to share the news with fans “at a right time”. However, he also spoke out about the “positive” status of his relationship with Joy, and shared a little on how it came about.


“Our fans, you must have been very surprised. This is the first time I’m conveying such news so I’m very nervous and [tense],” he wrote, as translated by Koreaboo. “The number of days where I am smiling has increased due to the positivity and brightness of that person [referring to Joy] and my heart has also become healthier.”

“It was only recently that we confirmed how each other felt, slowly and seriously, and so I had wanted to let you guys know first, at a right time, but somehow an article came out and I’m quite taken aback too,” he added.

Crush ended the post saying that he’d be “grateful” if fans could “look upon [their relationship] positively”. He also noted that he would “make sure to take responsibility and show everyone… a good side of me”.

South Korean news outlet Sports Chosun first broke the news about Crush and Joy’s relationship yesterday (August 23). The publication claimed that the duo had kept in touch after they collaborated on Crush’s May 2020 single ‘Mayday’, and subsequently embarked on a romantic relationship.

Meanwhile, Joy has also spoken out about the pair’s new relationship status. The K-pop idol took to the fan community app Lysn yesterday, where she apologised to fans for the surprising news. She added that she “hopes” fans who have been supporting her thus far “can be understanding and supportive” of the news.

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