Damon Albarn hints at Gorillaz and Tame Impala collaboration for ‘Song Machine: Season Two’

"I actually talked to your man Tame Impala quite a few times, but we never seemed to get our tune finished"

Gorillaz mastermind Damon Albarn has once again teased a collaboration with Tame Impala for a potential second season of ‘Song Machine’.

In an interview with Australian radio station Double J, Albarn confirmed that he had been working with Kevin Parker, alluding to the teaser photo shared by Gorillaz guitarist Noodle on Instagram in February.

The image features the animated band driving their “geep” through the artwork from Tame Impala’s 2015 album ‘Currents’.


“I actually talked to your man Tame Impala [Kevin Parker] quite a few times, but we never seemed to get our tune finished,” Albarn said to Double J.

“There are a couple of things, actually. But they just didn’t make it onto Season One. But we were definitely in conversation several times.”

Albarn also said he was planning to start writing the second volume of ‘Song Machine’, the group’s recently released audiovisual project, “as soon as I can”.

“Because Season One felt like it was a positive thing to have done. So, I’d like to do Season Two,” he added.

“I’m so fucking grateful to be able to do what I do. I should work really hard at it, because otherwise, what’s the point?”


Albarn also commented on his upcoming ‘SONG MACHINE LIVE’ gig series, which will take place in December. The band will play three livestreamed performances across three different time zones as part of the series.

The gigs will take place from December 12-13, marking the band’s first live performances since 2018.

“If we’re allowed to do it,” he said of the upcoming livestreams.

“I mean there’s no audience. And it’s a huge stage that we’re working on. Hopefully, they will let us, but who knows.”

While Albarn remained coy on specific venue details, he confirmed the gigs would remain quintessentially Gorillaz – a melding of both virtual animation and physical performance.

“Expect the animation to be right in there with the band, on the stage, and sometimes playing with each other directly,” he explained.

“People transforming into characters… there’s a lot of ideas on the table. In my head, I can tell you exactly what’s going to be like.”

Both details and tickets for ‘SONG MACHINE LIVE’ can be found here.

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