Danilla gets personal on new solo album, ‘Pop Seblay’

Featuring the previously released single, ‘MPV’

Indonesian singer-songwriter Danilla Riyadi has released her third solo album, ‘Pop Seblay’.

The album – released on Tuesday (February 22) via Laguland Records – features 12 tracks, including previous single ‘MPV’.

Listen to ‘Pop Seblay’ below.


‘Pop Seblay’ also features singer-songwriter Teddy Adhitya on ‘Fel d 1’. A cat named Lupus Mutiara is also credited on the track ‘Di Balik Selimut’.

The album sees Danilla at her most vulnerable, with earnest and honest lyrics about her personal relationships and the loneliness she experienced throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Danilla shared the first preview of ‘Pop Seblay’ in January, when she released a music video for ‘MPV’. The track touched upon her listeners’ reluctance to move on from her earlier work and the change in her artistic approach to music. “I’ve already changed from the Danilla on those albums. Every time I make an album, I want to present a new face. I want to be heard,” she said at the time.

Along with the ‘MPV’ video, Danilla shared that the album was also inspired by her inability to work with her bandmates during the pandemic: “The inspiration for the album was how much I missed them”.


Prior to ‘Pop Seblay’, Danilla released a disco album, ‘Peluh, Gairah & Kelana’ last May as the band Danilla and The Glamors. The record collected 80s-inspired recreations of eight tracks from her back catalogue.

In June, she featured on ‘Don’t Touch Me’ with Ramengvrl and Marion Jola, before appearing on Iwan Fals’ ‘Pun Aku’ album in September.

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