Danny Elfman announces two greatest hits shows for Halloween

'Danny Elfman: From Boingo to Batman to Big Mess and Beyond!' will take place at the Hollywood Bowl

Danny Elfman has confirmed two career retrospective shows, set to take place this October at The Hollywood Bowl – get tickets here.

Titled ‘Danny Elfman: From Boingo to Batman to Big Mess and Beyond!’, the shows will see Elfman perform songs from across his back catalogue.

Announcing the shows on Twitter, Elfman wrote: “I promise it will be insane! Same show as Coachella but with MUCH MORE added. More songs from Boingo, more songs from ‘Big Mess‘ (some never before played live on this planet) and more film score highlights. All performed with the same great band and a full orchestra and choir onstage! If you were at Coachella you’ll still love it. If you saw it online, then you REALLY want to catch the full live performance, which is WAY more than what the cameras picked up.


He added: “Sorry to say this Halloween, my show is NOT for the kiddies! Expect the unexpected and see you there!”

Danny Elfman: From Boingo to Batman to Big Mess and Beyond takes place October 28 and 29. Tickets go on sale Friday (August 26) from here.

Earlier this year, Elfman was praised for his performance at Coachella Festival. His set included tracks from The Simpsons, Edward Scissorhands and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Speaking about it afterwards, Elfman said that he “was just relieved to have made it through in one piece,” before calling the reaction “intense and insane”.


Elfman added that he “read a lot of tweets and stuff where people were kind of confused and rattled and startled and like, ‘What’s going on?’ — and ultimately that’s what I wanted”.

“Going into it I knew it was going to be a really risky endeavour. I don’t think anybody’s tried that before, mixing up these kinds of elements in this kind of insane musical mash-up. When you’re trying a conceptual idea, you don’t know what’s going to happen,” he continued. “But in the end, not having a safety net is also extremely exhilarating. It’s what it’s like when you’re up there on the high wire and the net is down and you know that the chance of just like falling into an abyss is extremely high. That, of course, is super exhilarating in itself.”

Back in June, Elfman teamed up with Iggy Pop for a remixed version of ‘Kick Me’ from Elfman’s 2021 solo album ‘Big Mess’