Listen to Danny Elfman and Iggy Pop’s new song ‘Kick Me’

It's taken from the forthcoming new remix album of Elfman's 2021 LP 'Big Mess'

Danny Elfman and Iggy Pop have shared their new collaborative song ‘Kick Me’ – you can listen to the track below.

‘Kick Me’ is a fresh remix of the song that was originally heard on Elfman’s 2021 solo album ‘Big Mess’, which marked his first solo LP in 37 years.

A new ‘Big Mess’ remix album, titled ‘Bigger. Messier.’, has now been announced by Elfman, featuring a host of new collaborators, as well as previously released collaborations with the likes of Trent Reznor (‘True’ and ‘Native Intelligence’), Squarepusher and Zach Hill.


Elfman has today (June 29) launched ‘Bigger. Messier.’, which is set for release on August 12 and can be pre-ordered here, with the Iggy Pop-featuring ‘Kick Me’.

“At the onset of the ‘Bigger. Messier.’ I asked the same thing of every artist: ‘Express me through your own eyes,'” Elfman said in a statement about the new record.

“Not only was I surprised at the artists that wanted to participate, but completely blown away by what everyone contributed. There’s a tremendous amount of diversity represented throughout, and I couldn’t be more excited to announce the record with Iggy’s version of ‘Kick Me’, which not only serves as a reinvention of the song vocally, but instrumentally as well.

“This record became such an enjoyment of experimentation and relinquishing control of my own work in a way that I’ve never done before.”

Listen to ‘Kick Me’ below:


Back in April Elfman reflected on his eye-ctaching set at Coachella 2022, during which he performed his theme from The Simpsons as well as compositions from Edward Scissorhands and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

“Going into it I knew it was going to be a really risky endeavour,” he told Variety. “I don’t think anybody’s tried that before, mixing up these kinds of elements in this kind of insane musical mash-up. When you’re trying a conceptual idea, you don’t know what’s going to happen.

“But in the end, not having a safety net is also extremely exhilarating. It’s what it’s like when you’re up there on the high wire and the net is down and you know that the chance of just like falling into an abyss is extremely high. That, of course, is super exhilarating in itself.”