Dato’ Maw reflects on his choices in moody new single ‘錢和臉 Money & Face’

A preview of his ‘CINA Part 1’ EP, out next week

Malaysian rapper Dato’ Maw has dropped a music video for his new single ‘錢和臉 Money & Face’. It’s the opening track of his upcoming ‘CINA Part 1’ EP – see the full tracklist below.

Over keys-driven production by Saucie J, the Penang rapper spits in Mandarin and Hokkien about choosing between money and dignity, his flow Auto-Tuned to melodic perfection.

Watch Dato’ Maw drive around town and play mahjong in the suitably moody music video here:


‘Money & Face’ is the first taste of Dato’ Maw’s new EP, ‘CINA Part 1’ (Mandarin title ‘熬過來’, or ‘going through it’). The four-track project is out next Monday, December 28. Production comes from Saucie J and Franco.$, who are both members of Maw’s Ban Huat Sdn. Bhd collective.

In a statement, Dato’ Maw explained that this was a deeply personal project. “This EP is for myself,” he said. “Instead of doing my usual high energy trap, I decided to write about what my thoughts are and work out my demons through music.

“I want to tear down all forms of pretence and show a rawer side of myself to my listeners. I want to have a body of work which I’m proud of and will be remembered by in years to come.”

The imminent EP is the first of a three-part ‘CINA’ series. The first project is defined by ‘熬’ (hustle or struggle), the second by ‘愛’ (love), and the third by ‘死’ (death). All three will combine to form a full ‘CINA’ album, due out next year.

The title of the record alludes to Malaysia’s ‘cina’ rap movement, which Dato’ Maw helped push forward with his multilingual sound that incorporates Malaysian Chinese slang and dialect.


Dato’ Maw was a recent finalist in Levi’s Malaysia’s Music Project, competing for a RM20,000 music video grant. The prize ultimately went to rock outfit Margasatwa.

The tracklist of Dato’ Maw’s ‘CINA Part 1’ EP is:

  1. ‘錢和臉 Money & Face’
  2. ‘Fw Me / My Name 玩我的名’
  3. ‘幾塊錢 On My Wrist’
  4. ‘一世人 WTP / Walk This Path’