David Byrne’s ‘American Utopia’ is returning to Broadway in 2021

The acclaimed show had been set to return to the stage last month

David Byrne‘s acclaimed American Utopia live show is set to return to Broadway in New York City next September.

Byrne’s stage show/“rock spectacle” is a live adaptation of the artist’s 2018 solo album ‘American Utopia’, which NME‘s Thomas Smith praised as “the best musical experience on the planet” back in January.

This week’s premiere of the Spike Lee-directed HBO release of American Utopia has been accompanied by the news that the show intends to return to the Broadway stage on September 17, 2021.


The show had previously intended to return to New York last month, but those plans were scrapped due to the coronavirus pandemic. Broadway shows are currently expected to be suspended until May 2021 due to the pandemic.

Details of a venue have yet to be confirmed, with the show’s original theatre, the Hudson Theatre, already booked.

Tickets to the upcoming Broadway run of American Utopia are available here.

Earlier this week, David Byrne and Spike Lee spoke in an interview about their fears about the upcoming US election, with the former saying he was “scared” about the outcome of the November 3 poll.


“Just the other day, I started reaching out to some voting organisations, because I want to see if it makes sense for me to go to, say, Pennsylvania to get people in a swing state to vote, and to make sure that everybody who wants a mail-in ballot gets one,” he said. “I think I’ll do it.”

Lee added: “This guy [Donald Trump] is going to do anything to win. It’s going to be skullduggery, shenanigans, subterfuge. And also, I feel that if we don’t come out to vote in the numbers we need for a landslide that’s not in his favour, he’s going to contest the election. I don’t think he’s going to want to leave the White House. This thing is not a lock. I don’t care what the polls say.”